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RTSGuru.com:Mr. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga is dear to the hearts of many, many fans. How is Cyanide approaching such a beloved License in order to do it justice?

Regis Robin: Our aim is to make a game which pleases fans of the books, fans of the HBO series and, of course, those who enjoy strategy games. It won't be a pure translation from one medium into another as that wouldn't work. However, we have sought to adapt the spirit of the books as best we can into video game format. We won't please everybody, but hopefully we'll have a majority on our side. Those who have read the books will know that they are low on magic, low on warfare, but high on political intrigue. We therefore aim to carry this over into gameplay; so there will be few massed battle lines with screens lit up by GFX. Of course, we've got knights, bowmen, infantry etc, but there are also assassins, envoys, spies and, even, noble ladies whose role is to seduce opposition units. As in the book, much will be going on, quietly, in the background until you or your opponent say "I didn't see that coming !" With mechanisms such as fake armies, secret agreements and turncoats, the player will always be in for a surprise. Just like in the books! The game is split into two distinct modes : Campaign and Solo/Multiplayer. The Campaign mode lets the player live some of the main events from the history of the Seven Kingdoms, but it also serves as a tutorial to learn the game mechanisms. The Solo/Multiplayer mode allows the player to play as the head of one of the major noble Houses (Stark, Lannister, Tyrell, . . .) on maps of varying sizes and with varying numbers of opponents, human or AI.

RTSGuru.com: Putting aside the license for a moment, as a Real-Time Strategy game, how does Game of Thrones: Genesis hope to differentiate itself from the other RTS' on the market?

Regis Robin: Two things stand out for us in "A Game of Thrones"; it is a world of ruthless, underhand individuals and pivotal events usually happen away from the battlefield. With these two affirmations firmly established as our corner stones, we set out to create a game of wide-ranging strategic management, which involved more than the simple opposition of two armies. Players will never have encountered game mechanics like those we have created and we acknowledge that this may throw them off balance, at first. Then again, who wasn't thrown off balance by the books! George R.R. Martin created a unique narrative and we have tried to do the same with the game. It will take a bit of getting used to, but we preferred going that route than developing yet another RTS where the main aim is to produce the largest possible number of units so that you can go and wipe your opponent off the map.

RTSGuru.com: Can you give away any details about the type of gameplay that Genesis will have for the multi-player side? Will there be any form of co-op?

Regis Robin: The multi-player game will allow opponents to compete against each other on the map of Westeros, with each playing as a different House. This allows us to create a given style of play for each family. The mechanisms of the multi-player game are similar to those of the solo, but we added the possibility to create pacts between Houses. There are two types of pact and their political implications are very interesting. Moreover, it is possible to betray a supposed friend, as pacts can be made and unmade as the game advances. Of course, you will be less trusted by others, which may compromise your chances of sitting on the Iron Throne. This allows for very fluid relationships and it very much mirrors the shifting alliances in the books. We are also looking at a co-op mode, but there is still work to be done. All I can say is that we hope to give a starring role to wildlings and giants.

RTSGuru.com: The Game of Thrones series is a very long and winding tale. How does Genesis fit into the timeline of the novels? With the single player campaign being written under the supervision of Mr. Martin, can we expect this game to be considered part of the official cannon of the Song of Fire and Ice universe ?

Regis Robin: The history of Westeros goes back some 12,000 years and the books make frequent references to this past. We thought that it would be a good idea to create a game which pulled together a few of these strands. We don't go back 12,000 years though; just 700 with the arrival of the Rhoynar and their queen, Nymeria. We then bring the player up to the present day, taking various key episodes such as Aegon's Conquest, the Dance of the Dragons or the Blackfyre Rebellion. These episodes are all described in the George R.R. Martin's writings, so we are working from "fact". We are also working closely with Elio and Linda at westeros.org and they are very much the keepers of the word. However, as mentioned above, we seek to adapt the books to video game format, not simply to translate them.

RTSGuru.com: The Press Release issued today makes mention of multiple gameplay elements through which you can achieve victory: Straightforward militaristic dominance, economics and even diplomacy. Can you give us any insight as to how these elements may be executed?

Regis Robin: The aim of the game is to sit upon the Iron Throne and the mechanisms we have developed allow you to achieve your goal in a variety of ways. They can be basically broken down into three types : diplomatic, economic and military. Contrary to most RTS games, warfare is a means to an end, not the end in itself. The real heart of the game is a collection of underhand methods which reflect those found in the books. The player has thus a whole panel of actions available to him so that he and his House can seize the ultimate prize. Haven't we all dreamt of a strategy game which offers assassination, seduction, secret agreements, brokering of marriages, spying, . . . ? "A Game of Thrones - Genesis" offers all this and the more Machiavellian you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Of course, you can raise armies and hire mercenaries, but a clever opponent can find a way to starve your troops or buy-off your mercenaries, if you are not careful.

It's hard to transcribe all these mechanisms in a few lines, but we are sure that "A Game of Thrones - Genesis" is the most underhanded video game ever seen.

RTSGuru.com: One of the strong points of the IP is that Martin's characters are all so dynamic and engaging. How will you bring this type of immersion into the RTS? Will we see any characters we're familiar with?

Regis Robin: From the viewpoint of the books, I would not say that all the characters are engaging, but that's another subject. As mentioned above, there will be oft-mentioned characters, but they won't be those who have dedicated chapters in the books. We start well before Robert's Rebellion, but we do reach the present day so there will be Robert Baratheon, for example, whose image figures on the packaging.

RTSGuru.com: The fantasy-RTS genre is often rife with magical elements and, while Martin's books are often considered “low fantasy”, they do still contain some elements of the magic we're used to seeing. Can you give us some insight as to how Martin's representation of magic may be used to blend with the RTS Genre?

Regis Robin: As mentioned above, the books are, so far, low on magic because "magic had begun to go out of the world the day the last dragon died." We do cover Aegon's Conquest and, as the screenshots have showed, we do have a dragon, but that's about as far as it goes. No wizardry, no spell-casting.

RTSGuru.com: The press release states that Game of Thrones: Genesis will be dropping for the PC this coming summer. The Game of Thrones section on the Cyanide website does make mention of a next-gen console release. Can Xbox 360 or PS3 owners expect to be able to pick up Genesis when PC gamers do?

Regis Robin: We are, in fact making two games based on "A Game of Thrones" : an RPG and "Genesis". Only the RPG is being developed on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and it won't be released for some time yet.



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